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BEST Weed Pulling Tool Comparison

Which device is the most effective for getting rid of weeds from your grass with chilly environment lawn. We contrast these weed pullers as well as learn on dandelions.

Gardena –
Fiskars I accessed house deport
Alterra is difficult to locate as well as has a nub currently, no deal with
Garant –

We’ve obtained the Gardena Weed Puller, Garant Weed Puller, Alterra Weed Puller, Fiskars Weed puller, together with some hand devices as well as various other ones.

0:00 Intro
0:12 How They Work
2:42 Gardena Weed Puller
3:36 Garant Weed Puller
5:05 Green Weed Puller
6:12 Fiskars Weed Puller
8:12 Alterra Weed Puller
9:32 Garant Hand Tool
10:34 Gardena Hand Tool
11:40 Curved Hand Tool
12:49 Tie Breaker
13:38 Conclusion as well as Rankings