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DIY Garden Tool Storage Rack Solution Using Scrap Wood || Custom Design to Hold More Tools

This enhanced storage space layout will certainly suit 3 times the quantity of yard as well as professional devices than variations from large box shops !!

This layout enables 300% even more device storage space per direct foot given that it enables straight storage space right to the ceiling. The store-bought ones just enable upright storage space therefore raising the straight wall surface area required.

Over the years I’ve acquired regarding every yard and also backyard device storage space alternative readily available from the huge box shops just to obtain irritated by the ineffectiveness in their layouts. I likewise looked for some DIY alternatives and also located a couple of excellent styles yet they were still doing not have in effectiveness.

I was arranging my store to establish a recording room as well as required this realty so developed this style to aid you arrange your garage similar to I did.


0:00 Intro
0:32 What You’ll Need
1:21 Markings
4:07 Making Cuts
5:32 Review
5:57 More Markings
6:59 Assembly
8:30 Attaching it to the Wall
9:05 Extra Storage Solution
9:52 Final Results

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