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I Tested 3 Lawn Leveling Rakes (One of Them was Hilariously Bad)

Do YOU plan on Leveling your Lawn???

In this video we test out some of the most popular Lawn Leveling Rakes on the market.

The 3 contenders are the Ryan Knorr Level Lawn , The R & R Products Lawn Leveler and The Rassenrakel. A few months ago I tested the cheapest Lawn Leveling Rake on Amazon but this time we are trying out some of the most premium leveling rakes on the market currently just in time for lawn renovation season.

The Ryan Knorr Lawn Level is made by Landzie and features a 36in wide level lawn head and a 72in handle. They claim it is powered coated but as you will see in the video it is very clearly not. This was by far the worst quality rake out of the 3 rakes we tested. It feels cheap, flimsy and does not handle smoothly in the lawn. The poor build quality, loose handle and unknown place of origin make it a hard pass especially for its price tag.

The second rake we tested was the R & R products rake. We contacted R & R directly to find out where their lawn leveler was made and they told us the head was made in America and their handle was “imported”. There are many things we love about this rake including the galvanized solid steel head which is heavy and very durable. Another awesome feature about this lawn lute is the handle. It features an extra long handle that makes long deep passes possible when leveling which can cut down the amount of work involved and lead to a much more flat lawn.

The last lawn leveling rake we tested was the German made Rassenrakel. This leveling Rake is the Mercedes Benz of Lawn Leveling Rakes. It is made from high quality stainless steel and features an interchangeable head system that allows you to adapt any handle you prefer to use such as fiberglass, wood, telescoping etc. The head of this rake is 32in but features a much deeper head than I’ve ever seen a leveling rake have which ultimately makes it a much more smooth experience when stroking in back and forth. Rakes that are extra wide tend to chatter back and forth when leveling but this lawn leveling rake eliminates the chatter with its strategic design.

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