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Minty the movie star? Testing Bluetti AC70 power station + 200W solar

0:00 Introduction of flick and Bluetti.
0:45 Film Gear and Movie configuration.
1:05 Bluetti AC70 and 200W panel evaluation.
4:19 Behind the scenes of Filming – Minty the Star.
5:50 Bluetti leave all set for evening shooting.
7:43 Conclusion.

Jonathan Adams – Directing reel.

Minty had the chance to be a celebrity for a day in an Evidence Of Idea. Shooting in an unrevealed location., while out we had the possibility to check a number of Bluetti’s brand-new Toys, the AC70 and the 200w Photovoltaic panel.

Do not hesitate to have a look at the web link listed below-.
Homebound Short Film – Dan Green.