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VIVOSUN 15-Spike Lawn Aerator Tool, Metal Spike Aerator, Efficient Manual Dethatching & Soil Aerating, Pre-Assembled Lawn Aeration Garden Tool, Durable Steel Structure with T-Handle & Wide Foot Bar

Revitalize Your Lawn: Enhance your lawn’s health by perforating it to improve air, water, and nutrient flow to the grass roots, break up soil compaction, and facilitate thatch decomposition; This promotes seedling, composting and watering, and results in faster, denser, and greener grass growth

Efficient 15-Spike Design: Featuring 15 sharp 2.3″ metal spikes, this Aerator Spike effortlessly penetrates and loosens soil; Its wide coverage and numerous small holes per step save you time and effort

Sturdy & Durable: Crafted from solid powder-coated carbon steel, this aerator is rust-resistant and built to last for years; It effectively aerates soil without harming the tool or your lawn

Ergonomic Design: With a 34.6″ length suitable for various heights, this tool prevents back strain; The cushioned T-handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the wide foot bar makes pushing down the spikes effortless and keeps you steady

Easy to Assemble & Portable: One-person assembly takes minutes without requiring extra tools; Despite its heavy-duty construction, this aerator remains lightweight for easy transport, allowing extended use without significant physical fatigue

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